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by Sammi-Jo Amiras

I am an international accredited beauty specialist in advanced Permanent Cosmetics, Micropigmantation and Dermapigmentation.

VEVI is home to the International 'Goochie EST 1996' Permanent Cosmetic Brand in South Africa.

We stock World Class Permanent Make-up Devices, Needles, Luxury Pigment and Permanent Cosmetic Supplies. Shop Online today!


At Vevi, I am incredibly inspired to be part of an industry where I not only have the opportunity to provide remarkable beauty treatments but also correction procedures that are absolutely life changing to my clients.


Powdered Ombre Brows

Hyaluron Lip Fillers

Dermal Flash Fillers

Permanent Eyeliner

Full Lip Colour

Permanent Make Up

Scalp Micropigmentation

Goochie Permanent Makeup SA

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